One of the biggest challenges in global marketing strategies begins with creating and preserving brand consistency. This is an effort that out in each of the territories in which the company is present. Although the market recognizes the importance of establishing solid and uniform communication, it is very common for similar actions Netherlands WhatsApp Number List carried out in different places to overlap and transmit a diffuse idea, thus causing low effectiveness, since there is no union of efforts and much less knowledge.

This Was One of The Great Challenges Experienced by Dhl When

An effective digital strategy, that is, truly capable of converting its visitors into leads through its landing pages. Do you want to know how dhl managed? To overcome each of these obstacles and achieve high conversion rates on your pages?

Then keep reading! Dhldhl is a leading company in the international market that specializes. In the express and express delivery services, as well as parcel shipments. Working in both the b2b and b2c models. The company operates in more than 220 countries and territories. And specializes in providing customers with customized transportation solutions from a single source. The partnership between DHL and ion interactive DHL express came to ion interactive with the need to manage and optimize hundreds of landing pages that contained their brand.

With Such a Large Corporate Presence Around the World, Dhl

Needed a scalable and easily adaptable solution to meet the objectives of its branding plan. The strategy when DHL first adopted the ion interactive platform in 2010, they implemented the software in marketing departments in fifty countries. Based on the results in those countries, they began to implement the software in more areas where DHL was present. Dhl worked with ion interactive to create interactive content, in the form of landing pages, aligned with the brand and visually appealing,

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