Time management emotional management Azerbaijan Phone Numbers communication. And coordination systematic planning the first thing. To focus on is time management. My earliest contact with time management was in my first year of employment, Azerbaijan Phone Numbers when the internal company training talked about. The four-quadrant rule of importance and priority and the pcda rule. These methods are all for the efficient use of time. But they are all aimed at how to arrange to improve efficiency when time is not abundant or limited. Is not active enough to communicate with you after ignoring the bug. And the responsibility lies with the other party. Thinking of this, you are filled with righteous indignation and questioning happens.

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Situation in daily work that needs Azerbaijan Phone Number to be solved directly. How to arrange work in the case of free time. Different from the tight project development rhythm in the first half of the year, in the second half of the year, when the core  functions Azerbaijan Phone Numbers of the product are completed. Maintenance and optimization work will begin. At this time, the workload has become less than before, and there is more free time. The first day or two made me feel a sense of fear that it is difficult to adapt. The fear is because i am afraid that my idleness will not grow. So i did a few things under the trend of fear. In the end, it’s all about venting your emotions, not solving problems. After saying this, i also deeply realized the importance.

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Api documentation and sdk documentation learn Azerbaijan Phone Number Python and provide some simple crawler programs to help operators extract data review Azerbaijan Phone Number the previous. Requirements documents, sort out the mistakes that you feel, and then systematically organize them into optimal. Requirements talk to backend users and ask them any  questions 1. Thoughts on time management the above are just my specific. Implementation measures for time management, and of course they will adjusted according to the actual work situation. When i driven by fear, i re-experienced the importance of time management from the tight work background before. Azerbaijan Phone Number Of emotional management, and this matter. Deeply imprinted in my mind.

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