Editor’s Guide: In product work, review can help Lithuania Phone Number us find problems in time, so as to learn lessons and make optimization measures. The author of this article got relevant inspiration from a product audit and shared it with everyone. Let’s take a look.

Last week, the group routinely conducted a year- end audit of the company , including labor discipline, administrative management, process approval, financial system, achievement filing, technical management, etc. There were a lot of bags, and all the students in Jing became aware of it in an instant. The illusion of thousands of people listed on large companies.

The Group OA also made it very clear: this audit is a routine training during the year and is not aimed at any organization or anyone.

sudden presentation, not well-organized wording.

Due to the full preparation, our product audit ended very s

Of course, this also includes our product audit. As the chief reporter, Jing Jing attaches great importance to it. He reads the audit work line by line, prepares them one by one, and works overtime until more than six o’clock in the evening.

↑- Among them, the technical committee originally thought that the audit result was designated as A+ when conducting product and technology audits. Jing Jing asked the atmosphere team to prepare the lights and steel pipes in advance. I drank three cups of celebration wine, and just waited for the nocturne. Ring, come to the stage to accept the award.

But I never imagined that the final audit report came out with “11 rectifications”. At that moment, I seemed to experience Li Zhongtang’s heartache in another time and space.

The workflow and stage output of the product department are relatively complete, and the output of UI and testing is relatively complete. But test cases and workflows are not tightly coupled to the product and technology.

There is a problem with the product logic.

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I am not particularly clear about the first GMV data; the second The functional status of a product is in charge of another product classmate. She asked for leave today.

Facts have proved that his language and wording in response to emergencies are still too inexperienced and wise. We can see how the president instructs us later.

In this way, after two days, we received the audit report issued by the technical committee. After making some basic affirmations, we put forward eleven opinions that need to be rectified , some of which are as follo

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