Editor’s introduction: What is CRM? How to Malta Phone Number understand and make a top view of CRM business structure? This article starts from the author’s personal experience, from the concept of CRM to the top view of CRM business architecture, and then to CRM reconstruction. Recommended for those who are interested to read.

Friends who enter this article are most likely to be related workers in the CRM field, as well as students who are interested in CRM.

From the beginning of this article, I would like to talk about my understanding of the CRM system and my ideal CRM marketing form based on my previous CRM system reconstruction experience.

The road ahead is long and we need to keep moving forward.

1. What is CRM?

When everyone is new to this field, there will definitely be questions like: What exactly is CRM? Why are the content of many CRM articles on the market so different?

In my field of view, CRM has two definitions:

1. Philosophy

The literal meaning is Customer Relationship Management , which originated from the idea of ​​enterprises in order to improve their core competitiveness and maintain long-term and stable relationships with customers.

Present by Gartner Group Inc in 1999. In the ERP concept propos by Gartner Group Inc earlier, it emphasiz the overall management of the supply chain.

. This concept means that CRM is not just a single system, but a combination of multiple systems.

The second definition is also the actual work content of most CRM product students. Different companies’ businesses have different forms of system performance, which is why the content of CRM articles on the market is very different as mentioned at the beginning. (Some companies’ CRM is a basket, everything can be put in it…)

For example, in the business of large manufacturers and supply chains, CRM will focus on the linkage with ERP-related systems, related procurement plans, production plans, etc.; for example, in the business of k12 online education, CRM will pay more attention to the delivery of online customers. Scheduling classes, etc.; and changing to a hotel, it becomes room type adjustment preferences, breakfast preferences, etc.

What does my ideal CRM look like?

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In the business process, the enterprise has to go through a core funnel of “customer acquisition-retention-transformation” , which is also the foundation of the CRM system.

However , in the process of enterprise development and iteration, it will gradually expand to both ends:

  1. The client acquisition terminal will extend forward to the self-built advertising platform and self-built outbound call center;

This article is also based on this big business logic to study what an ideal CRM solution can develop into. At the same time, I will also limit the scope of discussion with you. My work experience was more focused on Internet online education, so the style of CRM will be closer to the model of online education. For CRM in other industries such as manufacturing and retail, I cannot go to CRM for the time being. Revert to the details, so this series of articles will not discuss the content that is too partial to the real industry.

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