Because creativity always pays off. Why is it important to carry out a creative campaign? We know well that. The battle of companies takes place in the field of attention : whoever manages to insert. Himselfin the consumer’s mind even for a few seconds a day, will have been able to penetrate thatsolid. .Barrier of indifference that protects him from the infinity of contents with. Which every day comes into contact. So let’s start with some Benin Phone number evidence on today’s consumer :• his knowledge of brands is superficial and. He rarely knows what differentiates one brandfrom others; • as a result, brand loyalty is quite low;. Brands are rarely the subject of his conversations and, even when they are, they are touched inpassing, like details. In Benin Phone number a story.

Relationships With Brands Is Not Considered a Priority

Consumer choice is hardly based. On brand loyalty contrary to Benin Phone number what one might think, companies rarely choose to implementhighly creative. Campaigns , which are instead reserved for the launch of new products or for brandsthat weigh little on. The company’s profit. Small companies are more inclined towards this type of investment . The cause lies. In the lack of knowledge of its public. In fact, the fear is that the results achieved by. The brand will be destroyed by a campaign that deviates from the promotional activity implemented up tothat moment, that. Therefore the implicit message that the creative campaign brings with. It is Benin Phone number the public or that. It is misunderstood.

Because a Creative Campaign Is Never a Waste

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A creative campaign is never a waste. In fact we aretalking to a smart consumer , who has learned to select with. Caution and judgment the messages thatcome to him frv Benin Phone number utside. A creative campaign tells him. Something important about the brand, namely:• “Ours is a quality product, because we have invested. A lot and it shows” • “Ours is an innovative and intelligent company, because it is capable of transmitting. Messages outside thebox” • “We are a successful company because we can afford not to save on creativity. ” all positive messages don’t you think? But let’s see in more detail what are the implications of. A Benin Phone number creative campaign. First of all, the benefits of creativity manifest.

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