We have always tried to keep a look ahead and follow if not anticipate . The changes.  Trying to bring as many talents into the company as possible to guarantee us a high level of competence. Today the team has 50 people and we work throughout the Emilia-Romagna region. We mainly address medium-large companies with complex needs . Argentina Phone Numbers realities where we interact with thermionic and the IT Department that we can bring maximum added value by acting in our three areas of specialization. Today any project intrinsically involves infrastructure, network and security and the market recognizes this know-how.

Evolution Of Business

It is the first important birthday the consolidation of a success.  Let’s talk about Netmind  the Modenese system integrator specialized in managing the ICT needs of companies in the Emilia-Romagna area. The company was born from the initiative of three young systems engineers . 

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Models Elastically Cloud Call

They seized a gap on the territory between the needs of companies . The offer of system integrator and have proposed themselves as a response.  Fill this gap focusing on innovation skills customized solutions and proximity to the customer as the founder and CEO Simone Nippon explained to us .

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