In conclusion, SEO strategies focus on the user experience. We know that you optimize your pages to obtain better positions in. Google, but it is the user you should think about. However, At the end of the day. The search engine also focuses on offering.  The best search experience and takes it into account by better positioning the pages that contribute to it. For the user, a good experience Paraguay Phone Number List consists of finding answers to their questions, quickly accessing content, and easily achieving what they want. Google, on the other hand, relies on several signals to understand. Whether a page offers a good experience and to rank search results.

That’s Where Core Web Vitals Come in Core Web Vitals

However, are key metrics to evaluate the experience offered by a web page. They are related to the speed and stability with which said page responds to the interactions of users who have no more time to lose and want to access the content soon, being able to withdraw from the action at the first obstacle. To better understand what Core Web Vitals is and how to use them in your Digital Marketing strategies, read this article and you will learn: What are Core Web Vitals?

Other on-page experience metrics implementation of Core Web VitalsHow important are Core Web Vitals in SEO strategies? What metrics are in the Core Web Vitals? How to measure Core Web Vitals? How to improve your Core Web Vitals score? What are Core Web Vitals? Core Web Vitals is a set of essential signals for a good user experience, which Google uses in its algorithm to evaluate the level of usability of a web page.

The Intention Was to Unify the Indicators that Indicate the Quality

of a page, rather than dealing with multiple metrics and evaluation tools. At the end of May 2020, Google made a new announcement: Core Web Vitals would be incorporated into the search engine algorithm. Introducing upcoming ranking signals for Google Search based on various aspects of page experience – combining Core Web Vitals and previous UX-related signals. Read our pre-announcement: Google Search Central (@googlesearchc) May 28, 2020 ”Other on-page experience metricsGoogle doesn’t just use these metrics to measure the experience a page offers, across all browsers and platforms. Core Web Vitals joins other ranking factors that the algorithm already considered: compatibility with

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