To adequately present the virtues of a product or a brand, we have to know in-depth how it works and what needs it solves. In the same way, we also have to know perfectly who we are addressing, what is the problem that Germany Phone Number List seeks to solve, and what are the common objections to our product or service.2) Finding the right texts of the appropriate length is another key to seducing and convincing.

Sometimes a Single Sentence Is Enough, While at Other Times We

will have to write many pages. We cannot make the reader think that they are wasting their time, but neither can we fail to give them the information they need to convince themselves. As a general rule, we must think if we are addressing a client who needs a solution NOW and who can act more or less impulsively (in which case a short text is more appropriate) or if, on the contrary, they are not in a hurry and want to compare several options before buying (a longer text would be better here).3) Write for the medium you are a script for a television spot is not the same as writing a podcast or blog post.In general, if we go to the internet, we have to take into account two fundamental aspects: SEO. It does not make sense to fill a text with keywords without rhyme or reason, but we should be clear about what terms we are looking to position for and include them at least in the titles and subtitles. The structure.

Therefore, when You Are Considering Writing Texts to Generate Sales,

first think about what emotion you want to provoke: inspire the reader to give the best of himself? Make him smile? Making him decide to solve an annoying problem is a persuasion, that is, to convince the reader to do something. O generate a connection to the potential customer, make him feel that headed directly to him. Therefore, our words have to convey that proximity. A simple but very effective resource to generate closeness is the use of “you”. Talking face to face establishes a direct connection with readers and encourages dialogue between both parties. Another way to get closer to the audience is through storytelling.

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