well known: a website that groups discounts and offers for different products and services and allows users to purchase coupons to redeem them. To get the most out of it, Groupon sends them a daily email with personalized offers based on location and other parameters. Home page. Here, users find a pop-up that encourages them Algeria Phone Number List to leave their email address in exchange for a discount on their first coupon ($ 10 or $ 25). This pop-up also appears in other places on the website, as long as it is the user’s first visit. Internal page with details of the offers in a specific location.

Purchase Form for A Specific Offer.The Keys to Its Success Are

simplicity, clear calls to action, personalization, and the importance of email. Users can only view offers in detail if they have registered, making it easy for the database to grow quickly.conversion-funnel-5-examples-of-success2) is a service for companies that allows you to create a virtual telephone exchange and manage business calls from a mobile phone. Its conversion funnel consists of the following steps: Generation of traffic, mainly through public relations actions, blog, and advertisements. Home page. It highlights the 30-day money-back guarantee and the explanations about its service, both through a two-minute video and in lists. The page explains how the service works and its characteristics. Here we find a more in-depth explanation of the service. There are calls to action both at the top of the page and at the bottom. Pricing page with four different plans depending on the user’s needs.Registration form. Here the money-back guarantee is highlighted again.

To Register, You Need to Provide a Phone Number and

payment information. This example of a conversion funnel works for its simplicity, especially when it comes to explaining your product, and the featured CTAs. They also communicate very well the money-back guarantee, an element that contributes to increasing user confidence .conversion-funnel-5-examples-of-success3)  is an email marketing service (free up to 2000 contacts and paid over this amount). Let’s see your conversion funnel: Traffic generation: organic, direct, through the blog and word of mouth. A very smart strategy is that the emails sent by customers of your free service include the phrase “Powered by MailChimp” at the bottom. Thus, each email sent contributes to generating notoriety. Home page. Here we find three main sections: functions, price, and eCommerce.


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