Content is the practice of republishing content that has already been published. On another website, crediting its creator, and linking to the original publication. The contents that are shared in a new domain can be Finland Phone Number List the most varied and diverse. Even though articles are the stars of, it is possible to republish a video, podcast, interactive content, and more.

However, the Guest Posts Are Original Content. Although

can have similar effects, the practice is completely different. Let’s remember a little more about this practice. Guest posts are the original publications that guest a brand. Or a person who wants to increase his authority on a given topic done in a domain outside. For this, he requests space in a domain that he deems convenient to write an article as a guest, without demanding any remuneration in return, other than a link to his website or blog. This practice is beneficial because it gives original content to the domain that will receive the collaboration and helps the creator of this content to have in a domain that is interesting for him.


These Are Just Some Examples of The Possibilities You Have When

reusing content, but you can make various modifications. What you must be careful in this practice is not to limit yourself to copying and pasting. Remember the care you must take not to create duplicate content on the Internet. Summarizing: Content is the web of foreign content in your domain, giving due credits and placing a link to the original content. Guest posts are the original content that you create to get more visibility and a backlink to a website that interests you. Content reuse is the act of recycling your content in other formats, taking due care not to generate duplicate content. Now that we have mentioned that duplicate content, you must be thinking, by sharing an article and copying it in full on my blog, I do not generate duplicate content?

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