After learning UML, I can even have a Qatar Phone Number calmer perception of interpersonal relationships. For example, when communicating, it is you, Qatar Phone Number your relationship, others, or some attributes of your body. Being able to get closer to the facts and essence can improve the depth of thinking. This depth improvement is very helpful to a stupid person like me. Or for students with less social experience, it will also help.

What content does UML contain and how to get started quickly?

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So much has been cited, let’s look directly at what UML has! It can be mainly divided into two categories as follows:

  • Structural elements, the left half of the legend, from top to bottom are class diagrams, interfaces, use case diagrams, relationships, groupings, annotations.
  • . Structure and processes make up everything in the world, forming space and time.
  • There is also a relationship between classes and classes,

  • and this relationship also has a special way of identifying . Here, we must first introduce some related concepts of “object-oriented”. Targeting, or modeling, a particular segment of the world.

    An object is an instance of a class. For example, you and I are both instances of the “class” of “people”. The object has its own structure, properties and operations. For example, abstraction is to filter out some attributes of the object, and retain the attributes and operations that are enough to solve the problem, because in real life, solving the problem does not necessarily require all the information and then inheritance.

    Correspondingly, the “class” of electrical appliances is also the “super class” of refrigerators and electric ovens. Others can see the picture. It is necessary to explain that this picture is not the entire content of UML, but it is enough for this article to explain and use.

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