As regards the first measure the Council of the European Union finally concluded the legislative process. Of the Horizon Europe research and innovation framework program on 10 May. The announced goal is to make the Greece Phone Number European Union the first digital circular climate-neutral.  Sustainable economy through the transformation of mobility energy Greece Phone Number construction and transport systems. On the other hand.

Circular Economy: Tenders

LIFE is the main program of the European Union for financing environmental projects capable of combating climate change. The publication of Greece Phone Number the specific work program for the periods 2021-2024 is expect. In June but the size of the overall  budget which will be 5.432 billion Greece Phone Number euros is already known. Among the main objectives of  circular and energy efficient economy based on the use of renewable energy carbon- neutral and resilient. On a national level.

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Facilitated Finance For

Call for proposals ” Research and Development Greece Phone Number for the Circular Economy ” stands. Activated with the decree of 11 June 2020 with the aim of supporting research development and testing of innovative solutions for efficient use and sustainable resources in order to promote the Greece Phone Number conversion of production activities towards a model of Circular Economy. A total of 217 million euros are  and it is still possible to


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