Call Tracking is a metric with which you can know the impact that a campaign has had based on converting leads into customers through phone calls.Although there are now many companies that prefer and focus on getting customers through social networks and web pages, the telephone is still an effective communication channel for this type of action. Call Cuba Email List Tracking is used, then, to know what percentage of these calls become sales and which ones are not. This information is very valuable to define future marketing campaigns and to know in what type of strategy to invest more or less.What are the advantages of Call Tracking?One of the main advantages of Call Tracking is that it allows you to have absolute control of the marketing campaign. Using the appropriate software, it is possible to know the origin of the call and have information that allows to know more about the user.

This way there is a higher chance that that call will end in a sale. We start from the basis that when a user calls to find out about a certain product or service it is because they already have an interest in it, so it is important to have information that allows better service and to be closer to the sale being made .It has also been found that thanks to Call Tracking it is possible to save money on advertising or actions that do not work . Users will call if the advertisement has reached them, has caught their attention and has been interesting, so that through the number of calls received it is possible to know the impact that this advertisement is having and act accordingly. It will also allow to know, for future campaigns, how to act and what to do. In addition, through a Call Tracking tool it is possible to know through which advertisement you are calling , which is one more piece of information to know what works and what does not.It should also be noted that in the event that a user calls the phone and gets no response, there is usually a call redirection . This allows you not to lose the put option.The best softwares for Call TrackingThere are many softwares that allow you to do Call Tracking, but these are some of the best: 1. HubSpotHubSpot is one of the best Call Tracking software. The software allows you to do almost everything: prioritize the sales calls of the day, record conversations from the same browser and record them automatically.

This  is also capable of extracting keywords, transcribing, adding comments, and providing a wide variety of information and analyzing it. In addition, it allows you to convert the most repetitive and effective emails into conversation templates so that the team has a greater number of tools.To all this we must add that with it is possible to schedule emails, schedule meetings, personalize a presentation …What is call tracking and its advantages – . is another of the tools that can be used to carry out Call Tracking actions. Through this software it is possible to discover the keyword or ad that has led the user to that phone. It is also possible to know the sources of the call, the name, the location and other information about the user. In addition, from all the data collected it is able to analyze the effectiveness of a campaign. It also allows you to record calls and create and track text messages, among many other things.Without a doubt, this is one of the best tools to know which ads have been the most effective.CallRail – Call tracking what it is and its advantages3. Freshdesk Contact CenterFreshdesk Contact Center is a very useful tool to know the details of the entire process of a call and thus discover the reason why it has ended or not for sale. You can analyze the time of the call, the response time, if it has had any extra cost for the user or not, how it was developed … All these data can be combined and analyzed together with a transcript.It is a very effective tool to know what needs to be improved within the campaign, since it records and analyzes all kinds of data.

Freshdesk-contact-center Call tracking what it is and its advantages 4. WhatConversThrough WhatConvers you can find out which marketing campaigns are being more or less effective. It also analyzes and provides data that can be useful to attract more customers through phone calls. In addition, the program obtains data about the person who is calling.This software, as allowed by others, is capable of transcribing calls, keeping track of them and even tracking them.For all this, it is another software that can be very useful to carry out Call Tracking actions.Call tracking what it is and its advantages –  is another of the programs that can be used for Call Tracking. It is used to analyze and monitor calls and is equipped with artificial intelligence , in such a way that it is capable of extracting information and analyzing it in order to improve the user experience.What is call tracking and its benefits – program allows you to know the data of a campaign without the need to connect to the internet, which is why it is one of the most practical softwares.

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