The cta or call-to-action (“call to action” in Spanish) is the element that pushes. The user to click to advance in a process that we have designed. And whose final objective is conversion? It generally takes the form of a button that takes the user to another page. Ct as are aimed at making the user Bulgaria Phone Number List Behave in a certain way, for example, by filling out a form or going to the purchase page. One way of looking at it is as a tool to convert potential customers into. Eend customers or to direct users of a generic site. For example, our website or our social media profile. To a landing page specially geared towards conversion.5 tips to improve your call-to-action there is one universal truth in marketing, it is that generic solutions often fall short.

What Should You Do? 1) Segments We Often See Generic

With texts like “more info”, “submit” or “download”. although they can sometimes be valid, it is always better to explore a little more to see what may interest the audience we are looking for the most. A good way to segment ct as in marketing is based on the buyer persona or ” typical customer” we are targeting. If we have analyzed them well, we will have different customer profiles and therefore, we can easily see which is the offer that can attract them the most and express it through our call-to-action.

These Are Some Elements to Take Into Account When Designing

Remember that the more you personalize and the more you adapt to the target audience, the greater the chances of success. Here are some ideas for inspiration: look for suggestive verbs that explain to the user what he can achieve: for example, “discover” is much more inviting than “more information”.Explain the offer: “save x”, “get y”. you can (and should) use numbers to make profit clear and build credibility. Use first-person texts, such as “I want it!” or “sign me up now”.Keep a tone consistent with the rest of your brand. Don’t sacrifice understanding for creativity. As with design, readability is important.

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