In the last article, we shared the area we Sri-Lanka Phone Number are responsible for in a company’s business, based on what I understand in this area, Sri-Lanka Phone Number  and then build our own understanding and insight into the business in the area we are responsible for. The most important thing is that we have to learn the business model, and then gradually build a global understanding of the responsible field, and improve business thinking and judgment.

The main content of this part is based on the background of this industry understanding, how do we come to understand the company’s business overall situation, and then the company’s core business links, we can sort out some basic methodologies that can be referred to, and then output the industry at the same time. The big picture, the big picture of the business, and then the organizational diagram of the business, so that’s our core learning goal today.

Our core goal today is to understand the overall business situation of the company, and then go to see what our core methodology is, so if we are in this outline, the third and fourth parts of this article are how we come to understand in an industry. Among them, what does a company’s overall business look like, and then this process is actually a process of continuous verification and continuous adjustment and optimization.

  1. Where the Value is: The Importance of Insights into the Business
  2. Industry Insights: How to Learn an Industry
  3. Business Insights: How to Understand the Big Picture of the Business
  4. Key Approaches: Insight, Abstraction, Validation

1. Insight into the business: how to understand the overall business situation

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Then go down and let’s go to the third part. Insight into the business starts from understanding the overall situation of a business. We still divide this core analysis idea into three parts.

Business Analysis Ideas: Key Scenarios—“Big Picture of Core Business—“Organization and Business Relationships

In the first part, look at the key scene, which is this business. If your company has several businesses, we first pick one of the complete businesses. The concept of a business line is a complete business process, a complete business, and then it can be taken out as a business line that can operate as an independent company.

Let’s take a look at how to do analysis as a business?

The first part first looks at the key scenes;

The second part finds the core business big picture and the core business link;

The third part is that the business will ultimately be carried based on the organization. For example, the business will have business departments. Different business departments play different roles. Which role and which business does our field serve?

Only by sorting out these relationships clearly can we help us in the process of doing the whole service later, and clarify who is serving. Let’s take the industry catering takeaway just now as an example. Let’s do a step-by-step dismantling. Before that, let’s think about a problem.

1. Small interaction: think about it?

What is O2O? What is your understanding of O2O?

The combination of online business opportunities and offline scenarios, Online To Offline may also be Offline To online. Online reservation, offline service, online consumption, offline experience.

But remember that it is not necessarily a high frequency just need, it is only one of the characteristics of Online To Offline, the core of O2O is Online To Offline.

Remember that we had a picture before called the connection between online and offline, and there is the penetration of Internet capabilities.

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