In the previous article, we understood the Uruguay Phone Number overall situation of the business and the core links of the business based on the entire industry and business, and then sorted out some methodologies on how we came to learn the industry and business.

This part of the word is that we will share Uruguay Phone Number our own area of ​​responsibility in a company’s business, based on what I understand in this area, and then build Uruguay Phone Number our own understanding and insight into the business of the area we are responsible for. The most important thing is that we have to learn the business model, and then gradually build a global understanding of the responsible field, and improve business thinking and judgment.

The main content of this part is how to understand an industry in the first part?

Our core goal today is to understand the industry based on, and then understand the overall business situation of the company, and then go to see what our core methodology is, so if we are in this outline, this article is in the second part.

  1. Where the Value is: The Importance of Insights into the Business
  2. Industry Insights: How to Learn an Industry
  3. Business Insights: How to Understand the Big Picture of the Business
  4. Key Approaches: Insight, Abstraction, Validation

The first part is why we need to gain insight into the business and what is its importance.

The second word is how we come to understand and learn an industry.

The third part is how we come to understand what a company’s overall business looks like in an industry.

The fourth part is what methods we have, and then we can give you a reference.

01 Insight into the industry: how to learn an industry

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Then follow the previous article, we started this to the industry, we saw how to learn the industry.

In fact, the first goal of industry learning is that we first clarify the nature of the industry, and then find our upstream and downstream connections.

Then we can also locate our core competitors, and then I will first throw a few concepts, I think it may help everyone to understand clearly when they go on to understand.

02 Clarify the nature of the industry, seek upstream and downstream connections, and target competitors

On the one hand, we are talking about the industry, on the other hand, we are talking about the industry.


Some production or services of the same nature (producing similar products or products with the same technological process) and services.

The organizational structure system of a business unit or individual, which is an industry concept.


In addition, there is a concept of industry, which is a little bigger than the concept of industry. It may cover several related industries and may form some industry concepts.

In the second case, we will talk about what is called a big picture or what is called a layout. What does it probably mean?

We hope to describe an object in a more structured and systematic way, and this object may have different scopes.

Xiaomi is actually involved in the Internet and manufacturing, and the information is a little closer.

These big manufacturers are mainly for us to try to give some interpretations and see what they are mainly doing

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