Potential hate speech and racism issues, which will cause. Problems.Read more in brand strategymany brands seem to India Phone Number think user guidelines will protect them, but that’s often not the case. How do brands protect themselves from hate speech and other issues on these. Emerging platforms?Wang: you need people who have worked in the space of safety for a long time to understand the impact and challenge of addressing safety. Governance has to start with these experts. Who have walked the walk. The consortium is basically a safety advisory board. One way to categorize. Them is they are web trust and safety leaders who have been there for the past five years, who are building the new platforms and understand how to build safety by design.

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been there for over a decade and have to adapt experience and safety. The second group, they have seen the India Phone Number first incarnation of the web. People who build policies for. Platforms like decentraland are often isolated from the people who build the brand. But the policy is a reflection of your brand identity. Does decentraland want to have the brand identity that tolerates hitler? I’m pretty sure the answer is no. But then why isn’t there a policy in place to guide the India Phone Number users and therefore. The voters to understand that, because ultimately, you have to be very clear about identity and guides your community toward that direction so they can vote for a future they truly want. I think those. Standards serve as a guidepost.The example I gave you was a mistake we made in web2.

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wants their platform to be a platform of hate speech. But we didn’t think. To put that in the community policy or enforcement. As a result, unfortunately, some platforms today are basically associated with a brand of hate speech and racism. I think the message for us is to get those. Platforms to India Phone Number look at those standards and not make that mistake again. The metaverse opens huge. Potential for huge risks, but also a huge opportunity for us to make safety no longer an afterthought. I really encourage all web3 builders to look at the standards and use them before it is too late. Do you think. The metaverse will ever truly come to fruition?

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