Levis Product Linking Practice Source: Levi’s Make sure your store is mobile-friendly. We live in the age of mobile. According to Google in 2017, 40% of online transactions were made on mobile. And that percentage is growing. Optimize category pages. Categories are part of the site’s taxonomy and help search engine crawlers understand what you’re selling. Category pages are something a lot of websites overlook, but it’s just as important as product descriptions. Category description content helps to rank your website higher. ASOS Product Categories Source: Asos If you have just started your online store on WordPress, check out this useful website SEO checklist for the new WordPress online store. 9. Include social proof Social proof works based on the phenomenon that people tend to behave the same way.

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People are buying a certain product, maybe that’s a good thing. In terms in the same fashion / way of product descriptions, social proof is all those signs that other people have Logo Designs Service purchased or are currently purchasing your Logo Designs Service products. Social proof marks build trust with in the first place your not only … but also customers and prove that your products are worth it. Check out the social proof examples below and embed the as a matter of fact right ones for your coupled with online store. List of popular products and similar products Amazon is the king of social proof. If you check out the Amazon website, you’l in addition l see plenty of examples of social proof in like manner.

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Popular Products”,  Logo Designs Service“Best Sellers”,

“People Who Bought This Also Bought…”, “Often Bought Together” – all the different ways to link your products (which helps with SEO as we mentioned previously) and sell more products immediately. Coleman Sundome tent using social proof bestseller Source: Amazon Do you Logo Designs Service see the orange “Best Seller” tag? This can be useful for customers who are not looking for a particular item Logo Designs Service or are undecided on two items. In this case,  customers will likely opt for the bestseller. Amazon product recommendations including social proof source: Amazon List of additional elements. You can help your customers by giving them ideas for other items customers buy after seeing this item. Items purchased freq in the light of not to mention to say nothing fluently by Amazon Source. first, second, third.

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