We believe that Reuther is the premier block chain solution. Its battle-tested consensus algorithm and rich developer ecosystem enable our community to build faster and more securely than on other block chain platforms. The protocol has several components Codex Registry, which is an ERC-721 smart contract Codex Coins. REC-20 utility tokens used as fees for write operations in the registry. Staking contracts where token holders can stake tokens. Under an open source license implementations of each of these components are available on GitHub.

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Assuming that block chain-based registries are a prudent idea, it will only work if a significant number of people adopt it as an industry standard. How are you going to gain enough market share to have a “critical mass”? Registries are only valid Peru Phone Number when adopted as a standard. To that end, we’ve formed a consortium of leading online marketplaces, software vendors and auction houses with operations in more than 50 countries, and have agreed to support Codex. Together, they allow Codex to acquire more than 100,000 items worth more than $6 billion annually from 5,000 auction houses.

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They support Codex as an open and decentralized protocol that anyone can integrate. How does provide overall and functional value to your ecosystem. Why is it necessary. Codex Coin is used to pay Codex fees for transferring and modifying records. Which can be discounted or waived for users and applications that hold large amounts of Codex Coin. These fees are in turn used to reward , and we designed so that cannot sell them immediately. This design ensures that incentives within the ecosystem are aligned and that all users have a reason to engage in positive behavior.

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