P2P is closely related to big data and other processing technologies. Today, we have more information than ever about consumers. If we manage to order it and make sense of it, we will end up in a hyper-personalized model, in which we no longer address a market Greece Phone Number List segment but a person. In the same way, to connect with individuals, we have to show our more human side.

Generic Messages Are No Longer Useful, It Is Necessary To

do an exercise in empathy and active listening and use storytelling to show our brand values. In turn, the P2P phenomenon is closely related to trends such as account-based marketing, in which messages and content are hyper-personalized  and quality is preferred over quantity. Of course, it is important to remember that P2P marketing must always take into account the legislation and the concerns of users about data protection. We have to know

Why Bet on P2 P Marketing? Because We Want to Cultivate

relationships, not transactions. With P2P marketing, the emphasis is on creating long-term links between people. Ultimately, this benefits the business, as nurturing an existing customer relationship to generate repeat purchases is far less expensive than continually searching for new customers. Because it helps us to solve the real needs of the client. In the end, for many focus groups and buyer personas that we believe, nothing replaces listening to the person in front of us and seeing what they need in their particular case. Therefore, individualizing marketing with a person-to-person format helps us improve our product and service offering.

connection with readers and encourages dialogue between both parties. Another way to get closer to the audience is through storytelling. Google and make the content better than your competition to position yourself above it. If a user finds you in the first or second position on Google

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