One of the main advantages of using content to reach your audience is that it is less invasive compared to conventional advertising . Although the type of content, when it is aimed at companies, is different than when it is aimed at end customers, since we would not be dealing with impulsive Ireland Email Database buyers, but with customers who ponder a purchase decision much more. This means creating a much more elaborate and higher quality content, even with a much more strategic design.

When the content meets all these characteristics and is capable of attracting companies, the following is achieved: Improve brand imageIncreased visibilityIncrease the number of contacts and leads Increase the number of sales and income Raise revenue at lower costFor all this, it is necessary to create content adapted to the type of clients or leads that we want to achieve.How to apply content marketing for companies One of the first things to do is set goals . That is, determine what you want to achieve with that B2B strategy, which can be from increasing the database or sales to improving the brand image. It will also be necessary to identify the type of audience you want to attract , since although we are talking about companies, it is important to target those that may really be interested in the product or service offered by the brand.

The next step will be to create content that is related to the sector to which the company belongs and that may be of interest to the public. For a good B2B strategy, the content that works best are electronic books, technical documents, audiovisual material with relevant and quality information … Everything must be visually attractive.Once the content has been created, the transmission channels that work best should be found taking into account the type of content and the recipient. And, finally, measure the results and analyze them to detect possible errors or aspects that need to be modified or changed to achieve better results.Content types for B2B strategiesOne of the most frequent doubts within inbound marketing is usually what type of content to create. Although not all content has the same reception depending on the type of audience it is aimed at, you have the following options: webinars are one of the types of content that has gained more popularity over the past year. These are presentations, usually live, that are made through platforms such as YouTube or Zoom, even through social networks.It is ideal for generating clients, since it allows you to promote courses and products. It is also a way to expand the database with users interested in what the brand offers.

Email marketingThe emails are one of the fastest ways to inform and direct users who have previously shown interest in the brand of news, offers, promotions … We believe that every company should take action to email marketing to keep in touch with your .audiovisual material, interviews, tutorials, practical guides can be published … This type of content has also become very popular, since it allows the user to obtain information much faster compared to a written article.

White Papers or Industry StudiesThe White Papers , also known as sector studies, are documents or publications that aim to explain a concept or a particular topic. These types of publications are used within many different fields, especially in technical science.Case Study or case studyThe Case Studies or case studies are publications or documents where figures, statistics or data that refer to some results are discussed. Usually this type of content is complemented by videos, white papers and other types of content.BlogThe blog is one of the most used resources by brands, since it allows publishing a large amount of relevant content for the user that, in turn, helps to position the web in search engines.Although it depends on the purpose, in an ebook or downloadable topics can be covered in a much more detailed and extensive way. Of course, the design should always be taken care of as much as possible, as well as the spelling and other aspects that can give the brand an image of , another type of content widely used within digital marketing strategies is the podcast . It is undoubtedly one of the formats that have gained the most popularity over the last year along with the webinar, since it allows access to information at any time of the day, even making it compatible with other tasks.A podcast is understood to be content in the form of audio in which one or more people deal with a specific topic.Remember that regardless of the type of format you use, it is aimed at companies and not end customers, so you should be much more strategic.

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