First check whether the router supports WPS. 2. Now press Turkey Phone Number the WPS button on the router and the connection will be established. Put the extender in the middle between the router and the connected device and voila! You get better and stronger links. Block ads or install virus/malware scanners You are blocking ads on wifi using an ad-blocking DNS server. o Finally, you Turkey Phone Number can also use malware and virus software such as Bull Guard, Avast, etc. Some other important tips At home, we mainly use Wi-Fi routers.

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So, that has to be an upgrade (if possible). A dual-band Wi-Fi router is strongly recommended. Since the signal from the router is spherical, the location of the router in the home must be appropriate. Therefore, the router must be placed in the center of your home. Otherwise, the signal strength Turkey Phone Number may be weak in some corners. Do not place the router in the corner of any room or hang it on a thick concrete wall or near metal utensils. It also has to stay above the ground. When you need to surf the Internet, try to be as close to the router as possible. These mean not getting too far from the router.

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Try to avoid placing the router near cordless phones, microwave ovens, or Bluetooth headsets. Additional Information Another problem is if you live in an apartment and all your neighbors have Wi-Fi. So there may be interference between the signals to see the problem. An Turkey Phone Number Android app (Wi-Fi Analyzer) is available. This application will help to find a less crowded channel and provide smooth operation and high speed. Simply put, our 2.4GHz band is divided into different channels, and within those channels, anyone can be chosen to improve performance.

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