If you find that the connection is still not working, go to the Windows Network Repair utility on your computer and run it. Other devices connected to your network also use this IP address. Sometimes, the computer cannot use the network. This problem can occur even if you are using DHCP (Dynamic Addressing). Conflicts can occur between two computers connected to the same LAN.

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Sometimes internet connections may have the same IP address. This indicates that the system administrator is using one IP address for both computers. solution Ecuador Phone Number Process the IP address and fix it. When addresses are statically assigned. It ensures that each localhost has a unique IP address to configure. If the DHCP server in your home router fails, it can cause conflicts.

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Upgrading your router’s firmware may fix the problem. You may also encounter some other error messages, which are also easily resolved by tweaking the configuration. Obviously, you can fix most network error messages yourself, provided you follow the procedures provided in the respective case. Even after this, if the problem persists, you should contact a technician.

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