Vision and interaction are important, but the  Armenia Phone Numbers problem of functional deficits. Exposed from them is even more serious. For example, when the data background i designed only has tables, i think users. Can download the tables for data Armenia Phone Numbers analysis, but in fact. Users want to draw conclusions from. The data you give. Exporting files for secondary analysis is an operation. That users only need to do in-depth analysis. should not be relied upon to allow users to do this every time.

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It also reflects the lack of thoughtfulness Armenia Phone Number and perfection of the operation background from another perspective. At this time, the value of the entire data backend is just a backend that provides data sources, and cannot help operators Armenia Phone Numbers improve work efficiency, let alone help them find problems. This is a simple example that made me feel the serious consequences of the flaws in the functional design of the backend and the narrow thinking.

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Those who can solve problems prove  that they have. Armenia Phone Numbers A strong ability to deal with known problems. While those who can ask effective problems have a keener and longer-term vision and a solid foundation of ability. This is also the ability I want to improve and Armenia Phone Number expand. Efficiency Management The product manager’s job is to provide users with efficient solutions, and this work also requires efficient execution. Armenia Phone Number I think that the efficiency management capabilities that I need to expand or consolidate are as follows.

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