Spanning tiktok, tvpublished march 7, 2022sara karlovitch’s headshotsara karlovitchassociate. Editorcourtesy of pepsicodive brief:pepsi is partnering with tiktok Czech Republic Phone Number and mtv to produce a new music. Competition, “becoming a popstar,” premiering on march 24, per information shared with marketing. Dive.The show will feature eight artists originally discovered on tiktok. During five episodes, contestants. Will also participate in a series of contests in addition to singing to Czech Republic Phone Number woo the panel of judges that includes. Joe jonas, becky g and sean bankhead. Each week, contestants will create original songs and. Accompanying music videos that will first air on tiktok.The show, marketed as a modern reimagining of. The music competition genre, takes advantage of the longstanding.

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Also engaging younger generations by recruiting talent from the popular video sharing app tiktok.Dive. Insight:pepsi has long had ties to the music Czech Republic Phone Number industry, including a longstanding partnership with mtv and. Sponsoring the super bowl halftime show. The new “becoming a popstar” show helps to deepen that. Association, especially with younger consumers, by going beyond sponsoring content to being a part of. Developing new programming from the very Czech Republic Phone Number beginning.Tiktok is an app most commonly used by younger. People, with 25% of its user base between the ages of 10 and 19, and 22.4% between 20 and 29. By casting popular creators on the app, pepsi’s new show will most likely draw in younger generations who. Are familiar with such creators,

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The contest leans heavily into trends that first emerged on the platform, such as a “duets” competition, where contestants will pair off to create an original song and visual performance. The show also. Encourages fan engagement through the tiktok app, on which Czech Republic Phone Number users can vote on their favorite videos. Each week. Pulling show concepts from the app’s features and collaborative nature aim to convey the. Influence and impact tiktok has had on culture and the music industry at large. On top of the grand prize. Of appearing in a pepsi commercial during the video Czech Republic Phone Number music awards on june 5, pepsi will provide a prize to. Each weekly winner. The show aligns with pepsi’s strategy of incorporating the music industry into its. Marketing. For example, this year’s pepsi super bowl halftime show featured hip-hop artists popular in. The ’90s, and the company.

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