The combination of marketing and artificial intelligence is the protagonist of a rise that now seems unstoppable. Marketing activitie Cyprus Phone number elligence will replace the job of a marketer? The question is not trivial and is amplified . When you learn about ai technologies capable of writing creative texts and posts. How can, in particular a social media manager, defend their professionalism from applications of this kind? To understand the phenomenon in its e Cyprus Phone number re implications may be, it is necessary to take a step back. So let’s start by understanding what artificial intelligence is basically. Technological progress: marketing and artificial intelligence.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence refers to the Cyprus Phone number ability of a machine to display human capabilities. Such as reasoning, planning, learning and creativity. Ai, together with the internet of things, robotics and genetic engineering is the basis of the fourth industrial revolution in which we are witnessing an interpenetration between the physical, digital and biological world. Artificial intelligence is already usein several commonly use technologies such as speech recognition , medical diagnostics, chatbots and so on. We experience its intelligence when netflix offers us series that we may like or when amazon recommends certain products to Cyprus Phone number us. assuming they may be of interest to us. But how are machines educate?

Through Techniques That Take the Name of Machine Learning

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That are based on the use of data. One of cyprus phone number these. Techniques is calle “ supervis learning ”.  And consists in providing the machine with a series of data tht mut. Serve as examples. When the computer recognizes similarities between the data provided and the real case. It will produce certain answers. As given by the programmer. Without going into technical details,. It is enough for you to know that there are also other machine learning techniques such as the so-called ” deep learning “.  Which is based on multi-layered cyprus phone number neural networks . In any case, we are talking about a market that reached a value of 67 billion euros globally in.

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