When the LTV data calculation method is. Taiwan Phone Number approv by all parties, LTV can be used to detect the user’s operation effect, and precipitate it as the experience of subsequent user operation activities.

At the time of user acquisition and. Taiwan Phone Number user recall, the. LTV predicte base on the short-term behavior data of users was obtain through different channels. After calculating the LTV, it is possible to comprehensively consider the delivery cost and determine the value of different channels, so as to determine what combination of delivery is the most efficient method for user acquisition.

When users are retain, whether they are doing activities or sending coupons,

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it is necessary to measure the changes in the predicted value of LTV after these users operate activities.

Even in this case, the input-output ratio

of user operation can be negative, which does not mean that LTV can give up consideration. In the case of limited resources, the optimal solution is always found.

Everyone knows that at the beginning of the Internet. The number of pageviews was the main indicator, so there are so many words above to show that even if you only look at page views, today’s WeChat is comparable to the narrow Internet in the past. Not to mention that because of the strong interactivity of WeChat, its traffic is more valuable. Therefore, when doing traffic operations, we must hold on to WeChat’s thighs today, and to find traffic, we must find places where users gather.

But WeChat’s traffic operation is definitely not just about opening a public account. This view of taking the public account as the only one and only using the public account as a means of brand promotion or website traffic flow is still a typical thinking in the PC era, as shown in the figure:


I talked about a good business model in the article “The Essence of Traffic”. LTV should be greater than CAC. Today, I would like to elaborate on the positive impact on our LTV and CAC if we move our services to WeChat. Thereby enhancing the competitiveness of products or services.

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