We are speaking of course of Semantic Analytics and Business Intelligence platforms . Of new accounting and activity planning processes. But above all of effective Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers collaboration infrastructures. That is advance solutions that are not  to chat and document sharing but that allow users to activate. In the event of anomalies automatic notifications and workflows throughout the entire company organization. In this way it is no longer necessary to use dashboards or reports through classic transcriptional mechanisms. To identify the phenomena of interest. whoever has to deal with them in addition to having the ability to always keep the salient aspects of the activities under control.

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From the management of more traditional back office functions such as Purchasing HR Accounting. Passing through the new forms of Customer Experience to the real leap of digital transformation. Our goal is to support managers in finding new flexible and Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers answers with respect to systems. That currently offer access to information of strategic value. How do we do it? To describe Infor’s proposition in a synoptic way, I could say that we work in synergy and continuity on various levels. The first concerns the development of verticalized applications for industry.

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Furthermore if necessary additional functions designed for micro-vertical can be added . The second level is that of the Cloud, which while representing the future (currently, of the 90,000 customers globally, only 10% access the Infor services through the Cloud, ed) of this market, is for us a consolidated reality: all our solutions are already available in the Cloud in partnership Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers with Amazon Web Services (AWS). We think it is an indispensable premise, since for us technology is not an end but the enabling tool of simplicity, efficiency and effectiveness.

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