Puma, american eagle and zenni optical tested the upgraded tools to offer virtual product try-ons via. Snapchat and within their own apps. Published may 5, 2022by robert williams snap released a video. Promoting its new ar features Australia Phone Number and partner brands, including goodr, puma and ralph lauren. The image was. Retrieved from its video on may 4, 2022.The snap partner summit in late april showcased a variety of. Features that expand the e-commerce. Capabilities of snapchat, the photo-messaging app that’s especially. Popular with younger consumers. New software tools to Australia Phone Number create augmented reality (ar) shopping content give. Brands another way to engage. Mobile users and guide them toward a purchase.

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Brand puma, sunglasses maker gourd, fashion retailer american eagle outfitters and eyewear company. Zenni optical Australia Phone Number use snap ar shopping to offer virtual try-ons of their products on snapchat and their own apps. A new in-app feature called dress up brings together those fashion try-ons, giving users a place to. Experiment with new looks and share them with friends before making a purchase. The feature is available to. Consumers in snapchat’s lens explorer. “For the Australia Phone Number first time, you can try on a new outfit without having to. Change your clothes,” carolina arguelles nava’s, head of ar business strategy at snap, said in the. Presentation.

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This looks good’ to ‘this looks good on me. Body picture of themselves while fully clothed. Computer vision technology analyzes the image and overlays. Digital renderings of apparel in different poses, aiming to Australia Phone Number help consumers make a more informed purchase. Decision. More than 250 million snap chatters. Have used ar shopping lenses since january 2021, leading to. More than 5 billion total engagements, according to Australia Phone Number snap. Puma is the first global brand to use the. Technology on the other hand, letting customers virtually try on its sneakers. By pointing a smartphone camera at their feet. After selecting the style and color.

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