If what most determines the opportunities for success is the place where one was born. As also claimed by a study carried out by   it is equally true that even in countries. With a higher level of social mobility such as. Italy  Country China Phone Number out of  according to the  opportunities can be  for a variety of reasons. All this results in the flight of talents. Alec Ross from his privileged observation China Phone Number point suspended between the New World and the Old Continent often happens.

Pa 2021: “Digitization

for example in the canteen of the Apple Campus in Silicon Valley or at the Amazon headquarters in Seattle to hear groups of young people conversing in Italian. A clear sign that we Italians are there where China Phone Number with our skills and creativity. But how then to keep the talents here  Ross gives us his answer. We need to act on the rules  to China Phone Number entrepreneurship in Italy. This period of – says Alec Ross – has favored a significant acceleration of all over the world.

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 Is A Necessary Choice:

Processes that we thought would take five to seven years have been compress  into two years and this has created opportunities for businesses and new business models. However at the same time this creates a risk for companies that do not have the ability. To renew China Phone Number anchored to older business models that are not adaptable to the new reality . We are at a crossroads  we want to be a pioneering country for the next China Phone Number . We cannot pretend that technological progress will stop and that it will not affect all sectors. It necessary we need to embrace digitization we need to rush.The world is running towards digitization and Italy must run in this direction a

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