The product manager position is probably the Tunisia Phone Number most difficult job in the world to articulate. Just as a thousand people have a thousand Hamlets. Tunisia Phone Number in their hearts, everyone has a different definition of a product manager. In their hearts. From entry to product seniors, most product managers cross the river by feeling the stones, and gradually. They can understand what this position is for. From the first look lively, to calm and sober later.

The courtyard is very deep. What I want to discuss with you today is not the job responsibilities and definition of a product manager, but some understanding and knowledge of the position of a product manager to share with you. These realizations come from experience, personal experience, deep thinking or sudden insight.

1. The existence of a product manager in the company is a process of expanding territory

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The product manager is the helmsman of the product, beating with the pulse of product changes, pushing a product forward, and sharing the same destiny with the product. Many product managers may not notice one thing: products also have a life cycle, and the binding relationship between product managers and products also has a specific time period.

Internet products emerge in an endless stream, some are short-lived, some are developing rapidly, and some are old and stronger. Just as death is the final destination of all people, no matter whether a product is excellent or not, it will always wither. The life cycle of a product can be divided into four stages: introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. When we carefully observe and think about it, we will find that the introduction period and growth period of the product are the main periods when the product manager exerts its value.

During the introduction period, there are often only a few product managers

who are the main creators of the product. During the product introduction period, product managers are responsible for market research, finding market entry points, clarifying product directions, developing product version 1.0, acquiring seed users, and adjusting product strategies based on user and market feedback. value.

Like witnessing the birth of a baby, product managers often pride themselves on being part of a product’s journey from 0 to 1, and there aren’t many opportunities for that. There are not many opportunities. On the one hand, you don’t need so many people at this time. One or two product managers are enough, and even the boss himself serves as a product manager. On the other hand, the prospect of the product is still unclear and the risk is relatively high. Some product managers worry about this and exclude such opportunities.

The product is basically in a state of only maintaining the operation of the system, and even stops the service. For example, Xiaomi announced that the Mi Chat product will stop serving on February 19, 2021.

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