One of the things that makes Blogger a widely used platform is because it is free and popular. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the possibility that your blog will be empty of visitors, because as long as you apply the right keywords, many people will definitely visit because Google also supports the Blogger site.

Easy to Use for Newbie

You’re just planning to start a blog but are still confused about which platform is the best? What about Bloggers? The advantage of Blogger is that it is easy and quite simple to create an account. With just a few steps and without the need to install other software, you can already use it. In addition, Blogger also automatically helps its bloggers to optimize their pages so that they can be reached by many people on Google. With Blogger, your blogging Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List experience will seem easy to do and without any blogging technical skills, you can get a blog worth visiting.

Can Create Your Own Domain

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Blogger is consistently a platform that is easy and inexpensive for its users, including when you are going to create your own blogger domain. You will be given the opportunity to choose your own domain name as long as you don’t have an online domain name in common. Well, if it turns out to be the same as another domain, then you need to create another domain name.

  • Can Be a Tool to Get Additional Income

Taking into account all the advantages and disadvantages of Blogger is important, including this one. If you can manage well, have quality, and post diligently, you can make your blog a source of additional income by relying on Google Ads. But not only does it need qualified content, Google Ads can be installed on your Blogger as long as it has good traffic.

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Disadvantages of Blogger Platform

  • Powered by Blogger

Even if you diligently maintain your blog on blogger, diligently post positive content, your blog still belongs to Blogger. In conclusion, whenever Blogger feels the need to delete your blog or content, it can be lost at any time. So, it’s a good idea to back up the content you’ve created, so you can repost.

  • Not Too Many Plugins Available

It is natural that you then want to make good use of your blogger and use additional features that support it. But unfortunately, the drawback of Blogger as a blogging platform is that it is not equipped with a lot of plugins. This plugin is useful for you to find out about the right SEO to be useful in writing so as to maximize content.

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