The virus emerged in Italy on February 20. During the week of February 24 the emergency and related measures came on such. As the limit on events and all the initiatives aimed at limiting the proximity of people as much as possible . Favoring their Afghanistan Phone Number remote activity, including Smart Working . This week March 2 is the one. Which we would like to understand the duration of the impact and therefore its real effects on the economy.

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In the face of the extreme demand for everything that can alleviate or contain the symptoms of the virus. We are witnessing the growth in demand for everything that can favor remote work and activities . The head of security and regulation of an important Italian bank told me that she had bought 600 notebooks in one day . Meals at Afghanistan Phone Number home multimedia consumption online courses explode. Other businesses are adapting to the Coronations premises that prepare measures to distance people. Computers Afghanistan Phone Number with anti-bacterial barriers and so on. Creatively identifying ways of evolving your business model. It is the way to resist the crisis, even seeing it as an opportunity for strengthening for those who are capable of it.

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From physical to virtual, it’s time to accelerate the digital transition, obviously with fast and flexible solutions. Education, training, entertainment, fashion, leisure, but also tourism can rethink their model , and they must do it to overcome the crisis – emerging Afghanistan Phone Number from it strengthened, as our country has always done, focusing on history, culture and creativity.


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